SPITZ – Hebrew magazine in Berlin

Welcome to our hood!

Spitz is the first Hebrew magazine in Berlin (and Germany) since many decades.

It combines useful info with relevant articles in various cultural, political, historical and societal themes.

Spitz is loved both by Berlin based Israelis, tourists, and those who take interest in it from afar.

It is deeply connected to the glorious Hebrew past Berlin has had, and at the same time contemporary and facing forward.

It is part of the growing Berlin based Israeli community, and at the same time a tool to observe and document it.

It is an Island for Hebrew readers/speakers, and also a cultural, political and social bridge to understanding Germany and Germans.

For ads and collaborations please feel free to contact us:

info at spitzmag.de

We would like to thank the foundation ZURÜCKGEBEN for the 2017 grant!

Interviews on Migration (a project with ID Festival, available in English and German)

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